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Troy Gray: Guestbook

Jim Clanin

February 4, 2016

Where are you playing in Tucson? I'm here till the 14th. Hope to see you soon.
Jim Clanin

Christina Anagnost

November 14, 2014

Please make some more CDs that people can buy...caught your duo at the Ritz Carlton and was mesmerized.


October 15, 2014

Hope you come to NYC soon.

Shirley Berens

August 21, 2014


Just dropping a line to say hi. You were on my TV program doing a 5 part series for SNAP. Just was thinking about you and wanted to say hi.

James F.

July 12, 2013

Great music!!!!

Mind boggling musical skill!!!!


July 12, 2013

Sir Troy, you are an amazing artist but an even better man with a gentle soul that exudes brilliant energy. So happy to call you "friend"

keith stanford

February 21, 2013

Howdy Troy,
Nice meeting you in GV for your gig with Gabriel. I'll bring my wife up to the Ritz to catch your performance soon.
did you have a chance to look at my web site:

Jim Randall

January 23, 2013

Great stuff tonight at the Plaza, see you at
Jesse Cook's show

melissa kurzbard

September 15, 2012


melissa kurzbard

September 15, 2012

just dropping by to say hi my friend

Duane Lee Russell

September 10, 2012

Great music goodfriend from the past now in the present

Heather McGill

April 6, 2012

Just thought I'd leave my footprints to let you know I visited your page! God Bless!!


April 7, 2011

troy i am your biggest fan!!! :) no rally your music has replaced my anxiety meds in a big way . i thank you for that . your a wonderful artist and person. love ya ~

Jimmie Kelley

January 31, 2011

I bought the "Troy Gray" CD and really enjoy relaxing to it. The great thing about this type of music is it can really take hold of you and shape your mood. You can relax, dance, party, whatever you let yourself hear in the music.

Gig gangel Haynes

December 4, 2010



November 15, 2010

Hi Troy!. Lorie sent me your cd. I am sure she has said something about me to you. I have not seen her in thirty years as we were separated by divorce. I am glad she found us and also very happy she sent me your CD. I am legally deaf and have a cochlear implant. Most upbeat type music with vocals I really do not enjoy very much but your instrumental cd is another world apart. I really enjoy it. Have a great day! Brian

Bob Brancato

November 8, 2010

Hope to see you soon ol friend!
Let me what is for sale :)